Herbal Pharmacy


Chinese Herbal Medicine:

Chinese herbal medicine has long history and is an extremely well developed and comprehensive system for treating a broad range of conditions.  Rather than simply prescribing one or a few individual herbs based on their phytochemistry to address individual symptoms as is sometimes found in Western Herbalism, Chinese herbal medicine is based on diagnosing both constitutional and disease patterns  and treating their progression.

There is a vast repertoire of classical and modern formulas as well as synergistic combinations of herbs that may be used as a baseline for developing individual formulas for each patient to address conditions in ‘real-time’, meaning that as the condition improves or changes, the formula may be modified to correlate with these changes.

Healing Roots Pharmacy:

Your practitioner has a comprehensive background in both Western and Chinese Herbs.  Our clinic has a full Chinese herbal pharmacy including 375 kinds of raw herbs, a broad range of Chinese patent herbs in pill or capsule form and a range of topical formulas in liquid or salve formats.  We take pride in providing high quality raw and patent herbs formulas that have been lab tested for pesticides and heavy metals and we choose organic growers whenever possible.


Herbal Consultations are offered as part of regular acupuncture sessions or can be scheduled as a separate visit.

How can I access my herbs?  Patent pills,  formulas in capsule form and pre-made topical formulas can be accessed at the time of your treatment.  Raw herb formulas can be prepared while you rest with needles when there is time, otherwise once they are made they will be put in the drop-box for you to pick up at your convenience.  You are also welcome to call in herb orders which we can put in the drop box for pick-up.